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Staying on top of the latest online marketing news is a full time job. As quickly as today's e-commerce
community changes, it's more important than ever to know what's been happening.

It's just as important to know what's about to happen.

E-Workings monitors the latest news from the major search engines and social networks daily to insure
our clients are in a position to take advantage of the latest technologies - and stay on the cutting edge.

Digital Marketing Best Practices For Startups  By Eric Siu

That's why digital marketing has become such a savior for many startups. Digital marketing allows startups to reach audiences at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. Check out this article from Forbes Magazine's Council Member, Mandeep Singh.
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Facebook Envy Could Trip Up LinkedIn  By Sidney Hill

As the one major social networking site that actually has gone public, LinkedIn is facing more pressure than its competitors to produce revenue and ultimately turn a profit. Because it now answers to antsy anonymous shareholders -- rather than somewhat more patient venture capitalists or angel investors -- LinkedIn has to make money now. That could explain why the site that's known as the premier social network for business professionals has made a couple of recent changes that could be interpreted as attempts to cast itself in Facebook's image.
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Search Engine revs up market with Motorola     by Andrew Ross Sorkin

Back in 2004 Eric Schmidt, then Google's chief executive, proclaimed: ''We're not going into the phone business but we're going to make sure Google is on those phones.'' Less than a year later, however, Google did the opposite. As Steven Levy described in his book In the Plex, Google soon acquired Android, the mobile phone operating system, and began building a phone business that it has since developed into a juggernaut. Even after Google acquired Android in 2005 it continued to play down plans to enter the phone business for several more years. It was not until the northern summer of 2008 that Steve Jobs at Apple actually took notice and went to Google's headquarters to inspect one of its prototype handsets.
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Nivea Pulls Ad After Online Outcry     By Sarah Maslin

Nivea, the skincare and beauty products company, said Thursday it would halt its advertising campaign that suggested black men “re-civilize” themselves, after an outcry erupted Wednesday on Twitter. The ad appeared in the latest issue of Esquire magazine, and the negative public reaction began in earnest on Wednesday, when pictures of the ad, which featured a shorn black man holding a decapitated head with an afro and beard, began to circulate on social media Web sites. (Another ad from the same campaign featured a white man but had a different slogan.)
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Ford and Twitter Talk Keys to Marketing to Millennials    By: Irina Slutsky

For Ford, millennials -- which the car maker describes as people between the ages of 16-32 -- are a challenging proposition. Never mind buying a car -- this generation is getting drivers licenses later, and less often, than previous generations. But when it comes to Twitter, millennials are over-indexing. Twitter's director of sales marketing, Shane Steele, citing third-party research, said 55% of the Twitter audience is made up of millennials, compared to 40% of the rest of the internet. Ford has worked with Twitter to reach the social-media savvy set for years, having had a strong presence on Twitter since July 2008.
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Four Things Mark Zuckerberg Should Tell Every CMO  by Michael Scissons

Engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands is down 22%. Brands aren't playing for the long term. Engagement is the crown jewel of a community marketer. It's always talked about and drives the relevance and power of the platform. We reviewed public engagement data for 300 of the top brands on Facebook over a one-year period starting in July 2010. The results show a clear decline in average engagement. Many are likely to blame Facebook, but it's more likely that marketers themselves have led to this decline. Dissing audiences with bad content, coupons, polls, contests, and boring filler is the way to blow off engagement in the long run, even if it makes a few campaign results shine in the short term.
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53% of mobile users happy to hand over location data for discounts  
By Jacqui Cheng

Lately, mobile device users seem to be more aware than ever of privacy issues tied to sharing their location. But what do consumers love more than keeping a handle on their own privacy? Discounts. According to a report from mobile engagement firm JiWire, more than half of all consumers are willing to exchange their mobile location data for content that is relevant to them at the moment, such as coupons, promotions, directions, and product information.
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Ad Groups Oppose New Domains, ICANN Chief to Step Down  by Chloe Albanesius

The online advertising industry this week encouraged the Internet's governing body to withdraw its plan for issuing new domain names, arguing that it could hurt brand owners financially. The objection comes as the current chief at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Rob Beckstrom, announced that he will step down in 2012. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), major corporations will be forced to buy domain names that cover their brands—like .verizon or .facebook—in order to prevent cyber squatters from grabbing them first. Given that applications include a $185,000 fee, that could be an expensive undertaking.
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